shipping services

Shipping Services

We ship for you via FedEx, UPS, USPS and freight. We are here to help expedite your shipping needs!

FedEx and UPS
Our primary carriers, FedEx and UPS, can get it where it needs to go! Both offer next day service as well as ground and everything in between. FedEx and UPS include delivery time guarantees, insurance and tracking in their base pricing. Package weight/size and destination determine shipping cost. 

When shipping FedEx and UPS a street address is required, post office boxes will not work. Bad or incomplete addresses, or those that UPS or FedEx must correct in order to deliver will incur a $5 fee that will be billed to you.

All items shipped FedEx and UPS include insurance up to $100 in the shipping cost. Additional insurance may be purchased at the time of processing.

Next Day Delivery
These two carriers also offer overnight service into and out of Lewistown. Check current pick-up times.

Third Party Billings and Accounts
Packages that you are shipping under your account or billing third party can be dropped here for pickup by FedEx or UPS. If we don't have to handle the package other than to set it on the carrier's table, there is no charge. Items that require us to generate a third party label will be charged $5 per package.

US Postal Service
The post office supplies great service and can be your best option for smaller items and foreign shipments. We offer postal services including first class, priority, and bulk mailing in conjunction with our printing services. Postal transactions will include an additional handling fee.

ARS and Prepaid Labels
Packages with ARS and prepaid return labels can be dropped off for pick-up by FedEx, UPS or the Postal Service at no charge. Please see Package Drop-Off for additional information.

Some items are just too large to fit in a box and meet the FedEx or UPS requirements. That's when we package items safely on a pallet for delivery by truck. From recliners to band equipment, we can get it there! Visit with us for more information.

fedexPick-up Time
FedEx Express 11:30 am
FedEx Ground 3:00 pm
Track your package

fedexPick-up Time
UPS 5:00 pm
Track your package

fedexPick-up Time
USPS 2:30 pm
Track your package