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Packing Tips
Make sure it's packed well!! Claims for damage in shipment are reviewed by and paid at the discretion of the carrier upon evaluating how well the item was packed.
• Neither the Shipping Center or the carrier will honor a claim for damage if the customer has packed the carton themselves and that packing fails to meet minimum packing requirements.
• Whenever possible, use a new box. The more a box is used, the more it loses its original protective qualities, leaving your shipment vulnerable.
• If re-using a box, remove all labels, hazardous materials indicators and other shipment markings.
• Shipments must be fully contained in cardboard or you will be charged an additional handling fee.
• Wrap items separately to protect them from each other.
• Use adequate cushioning material. Each item should be surrounded by at least two inches of cushioning and be placed at least two inches away from the box walls.
• Use strong tape designed for shipping, pressure-sensitive plastic tape two inches or more in width. Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string or paper over-wrap.
• Fragile and heavy objects require special packaging for safe shipment.

Hazardous Materials
We are not authorized to ship hazardous or dangerous goods. Please alert us to any of the following items:
• Alcoholic beverages, including wine
• Firearms
• Explosives, including fireworks, ammunition, and matches
• Flammable fluids, including fuel, paint, household cleaners, auto parts containing fuel residue
• Compressed gases including any aerosol can, spray paint, liquefied gas, cigarette lighters, and C02 cartridges
• Corrosives including drain cleaners, wet cell batteries, car batteries, and mercury
• Chemicals including nail polish and solvents
• Miscellaneous to include dry ice, infectious materials, and poison
You are liable for damage caused by mis-representation and undisclosed items.

Perishable Items
All food items, including meat, must be frozen solid and will be packed in an insulated box. All perishable items shipped at your own risk.

Auction Items
Successful auction bidders, whether in person, by phone or Internet, can have their items packed and shipped. No item too large or small!

We stock large art boxes along with the supplies and knowledge to guarantee safe delivery.

Shipping suitcases, gifts and memorbilia can be easier and more economical than airline restrictions and extra baggage costs or valuable space in the car.

Hunters and Taxidermists
Ship your hides/antlers, wild game, taxidermy mounts or your clothing and gear!

Ask Us!
We're here to help, nothing is too strange, too small or too large!

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