package drop-off

Package Drop-Off

Packages with ARS and prepaid return labels can be dropped off for pick-up by FedEx, UPS or the Postal Service at no charge.

Drop Off / Returns / Prepaid Labels
• Package completely ready to ship - FREE
• Tape box and/or Label - $1.00
• Packing/handling fee - $2.00 + supplies
• Print e-mailed label - $5.00

Third Party Billings and Accounts
Packages that you are shipping under your account or billing third party can be dropped here for pick-up by FedEx or UPS. If we don't have to handle the package other than to set it on the carrier's table, there is no charge. Items that require us to generate a thrid party label will be charged $5 per package.

Amazon Returnsshipping services banner
Amazon returns that are prepped for "UPS Drop-off" may be brought to the Shipping Center. This can be a bit confusing, here's some help